I heard about the Glanola machine on a visit back to Ireland. I went to London to visit some sites that had the machine in operational use. I run 2 bars in the Kentucky area and my brother runs a busy bar in New Jersey. I was absolutely blown away by the machine. Apart from the very obvious savings it would deliver to my business the critical element was the quality impact of cleaning pipes properly.

I recently returned to Kentucky and conducted the greatest manual clean I have ever done on the lines. Despite the time and cost the benefit was substantial and the quality difference was incredible. I have to admit that after 25 years in the trade I thought I knew everything – not the case!. Glanola has re-educated me to the key things that make a difference to a successful bar. My conclusion was to place and immediate order and to also along with my business partners to make an investment in the company.

Tadhg O’Callaghan, Kentucky