The quality of the first beer served is so much superior than using our traditional manual method.

McGee's Bar, Ireland

Even more importantly, the “warm” storage installations do not show a structural increase in infection levels.

Leading Brewery Report,

New Ideas and innovations never seen in any other product!

Irish Brewery,

Despite being a sceptic of pipe cleaning machines I agreed to fully engage with Glanola. Simply put it has transformed one of the key and critical processes within my bar. I am about to open a second bar and the machine will form a central part of my operation. The manual process was cumbersome and lead to great inconsistency as it really is dependent on the calibre of person who carries out the cleaning. Even when your best person does the job, the results are inconsistent. I clean every line every week to ten days and sometimes clean the busy lines more frequently. The results can be summarized as follows – confidence in the quality of the product my customers get, savings for me which adds to my bottom line and sales growth from customer feedback.

Noel, Owner Gertie Brown’s Bar, London