The name Glan – ol – a is the Irish for “Clean Drink”, a clear and the most direct interpretation of what the patented Glanola solution achieves. This unique invention was developed over a number of years, culminating in the development of the FIRST device in the world that Automatically, Safely, Robustly and Effectively cleans beverage lines.

Greg Moore, an Irish entrepreneur, developed and patented the process to automate the cleaning of beer lines resulting in the founding of the Glanola Holdings Company which commercialised his invention worldwide.


Glanola is a manufacturer, distributor and retailer. Their product is manufactured in Ireland and abroad to the highest quality and comes with CE and ISO 9001 quality standards for worldwide delivery.

All markets are served by strong distribution networks and well established partnerships giving the company the greatest reach and market penetration while optimising the effectiveness and cost of sales. The Glanola solution has been tested extensively by one of the Top Three Global Brewing Companies. It considers Glanola to be the best line cleaning system it has encountered, resulting in Approved Product Status.


Glanola is a client focused Company, providing an innovative solution to a well known global and outdated process through state of the art technology, revolutionising a basic and imperative need within the Beer sector of the Global Beverage Industry.